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LAG Plein Airs


May through October we will gather together to capture what we see in nature. Watch for more information in the Newsletter.


Join Us!

We are a fun group of artists from beginner to truly advanced. We encourage and help each other and we welcome teachers and learners both. Our members offer classes to the entire community and we sponsor at least four art shows every year.


We have taught and learned and shared our art in Longmont for nearly sixty years.

Once a month from September to May, we get together for a demonstration by a talented artist and some fun too. Some amazing artists have come to our meetings to show us how they do what they do.


If you have something to teach, we want to learn. If you have something to learn, we want to teach you. So c'mon, visit one of our meetings or art shows and become a member.


Great Frame Up

The Longmont Artists' Guild is grateful to the Great Frame Up for many years of support and friendship. The Great Frame Up Gallary on Main Street shows our art each year and the owner, Dave Iannazzo, generously permits us to use the showroom space after hours for our monthly meetings and demonstrations. Guild artists have also held one-person shows in this attractive gallary.